Kit - Masterclass / Skype

Kit - Masterclass / Skype

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Plant-Based Vegan Chocolatier

2-day Masterclass


Master the art of creating mouth-watering plant-based, vegan chocolate.

Learn how to use organic ingredients and modern techniques to achieve a professional finish for a high-end market product or simply to indulge your family and friends.

Plant-based chocolate is a joy for our taste buds and our health. It is a natural stimulating and guilt free pleasure and does not only carry lots of nutritious ingredients, it is also suitable for people with intolerances of wheat, gluten, yeast, dairy, lactose, alcohol, corn, soya and white sugar. And, plant-based chocolate fits into lifestyle diets like Vegan, Raw Vegan, Raw Food, Kosher, Vegetarian, Paleo, Candida, and FODMAP.

Learn how to make chocolate that is smooth, creamy, healthy, delicious as well as nutritious. Create bark, bars and bonbons with fillings that complement plant-based chocolate and get inspired with techniques like shell casting, enrobing, coloring and more, to produce the highest-quality plant-based chocolates.

Classes are 2-days and include our DIY Chocolate Kit guaranteeing an immediate start making plant-based chocolate in your business or at home.

Including our DIY Chocolate Kit:


Chocolate Temper Machine


Two polycarbonate molds


Case with various brushes
and decorating tools


Glass jar with cacao butter drops




Organic and stone-grinded:


Dark chocolate, 4 x 250g (1 kilo), 
73% cacao content


Colored chocolate, 3 x 150g, 
white, ochre, tomato-red


2-day Masterclass



Program Day 1
Learn to work with our Chocolate Temper Machine:

- What is the difference between plant-based and traditional chocolate?

- Target group for plant-based chocolates.
- Why and how to activate nuts and seeds.
- How and why to dehydrate fruits and vegetables.
- Why and how to ferment nuts and seeds.
- Taste and compare sweeteners: sugar, granulate, syrup, fruit.
- Working with essential cooking oils, dried and fresh herbs and various
- How to make plant-based mylk, dark and white chocolate mass.
- Ingredients, temperature and shelf life of chocolate and bonbons.

- Tempering the old fashion way and with our Chocolate Temper Machine.
- Cover a plate or box with baking paper.
- Temper chocolate.
- Poor tempered chocolate on baking paper.
- Decorating the bark with marbling or piping technique.
- Cool bark in fridge.

- Temper colored chocolate(s).
- Apply colored chocolate in mold with splashing technique.
- Poor plant-based tempered chocolate in molds to make bars.
- Cool bars in fridge.

- Preparing professional polycarbonate molds.
- Cleaning and drying of molds.


Program Day 2
Learn to make incredible tasting, beautiful colored bonbons:

- Ingredients spreadsheet, recipe calculation and prices.

- Labelling of chocolates.
- Learn how to seal shells so they don’t leak.
- Difference between cacao and cacao solids.
- How to calculate various cacao percentages.
- Why using organic ingredients?
- Explaining how to work with melted coconut oil, melted cacao butter,  
  activated nuts and seeds, fermenting, dried or wet fresh fruits and
  vegetables, vegan booze, etc. to make lovely tasting, interesting recipes.
- Basics about food pairing.
- Ethics of chocolate, origin of beans and characteristics.


- Temper colored chocolate(s).
- Apply colored chocolate in molds with various painting techniques.
- Cool molds in fridge.

- Temper dark chocolate.
- Poor chocolate in colored molds to make bonbon shells.
- Learn how to make a shell that is solid.
- Cool shell in fridge.

- Make hard, medium or a soft filling.
- Learn how to fill molds.
- Cool filling in fridge.

- Learn how to seal shells.
- Temper chocolate and fill molds with chocolate.

- Photography of chocolates.

Friesland, the Netherlands.
                        I travel worldwide when you provide travel costs,
                        teaching space and accommodation.

By appointment only This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Euro 425,00 or USD 475,00

A notebook and pencil, a camera and 2 sets of appropriate
                       clothing for making chocolate.

Skype consult 4 times 45 minutes:
Ask any questions regarding our DIY Chocolate Kit in Skype with camera on, so I am able to show how to .... !