Masterclass / Skype - DIY Chocolate Kit

Masterclass / Skype - DIY Chocolate Kit

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This item is only available if you buy our DIY Chocolate Kit !!!

(If you want to order only a Masterclass or Skype-consult you're in the wrong place, sorry).

Masterclass is a two-day intensive chocolate course in

- how to temper chocolate with our Chocolate Temper Machine

- how to make bars and bonbons with plant-based, vegan and raw chocolate

- how to apply colored chocolate in (many different ways) in molds

- how to make sturdy bonbon shells

- how to make tasting bonbon-fillings from a base-recipe

- how to close bonbon shells so they don't leak

The masterclass is in Friesland in the north of the Netherlands and about 2 hours by train from Amsterdam, with plenty of B&B's within walking distance.


Skype consult 4 times 45 minutes:
Time to ask questions regarding our DIY Chocolate Kit in private conversations with camera on so I am able to show how to .... !