I am a DES-daughter and at a young age diagnosed with 'unfriendly cells', resulting in numerous interventions and unfortunately no children.
First scared, later angry, sad and rebellious, I learned to accept and today I see myself as a woman with a passion and a purpose.

I love chocolate, it lifts my spirit but when you have ‘those cells’ you better avoid all commercial chocolate.
Raw chocolate I found gritty, not a sensual creamy experience at all and therefore I started making my own.
Today I am producing plant-based, stoneground chocolate, suitable for vegan, raw food, paleo and kosher diet with a high cacao content, e.g. lots of wonderful cacao solids. 

My chocolate is organic and anti-angiogenesis; better for people and for the planet: with no white sugars, lactose, or artificial stuff. The ingredients are: cacao beans, activated seeds and nuts, dried vegatables, herbs, fruits and flowers, and coconut blossom, lucuma or maple sugar. It is rich and luscious because it is stoneground, it shines beautiful because of quick tempering with my Temper Machine, and it looks radiant because of natural chocolate colors. My chocolate is comforting body and soul, a feast for your eyes and taste buds. Improve your own, your family or other people's health with plant-based chocolate.

Love to hear from you and wishing you health and happiness !









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