The way of tasting wine and chocolate has a lot of similarities, as with a good wine the temperatures for storing and testing chocolate must be respected. 
The flavors of chocolate are best kept in a dry place between 10 and 16 degrees Celsius.
The ideal temperature to be able to taste chocolate is at room temperature in order to be able to observe the diversity of the flavors.
During the tasting you will appeal to all your senses, examining the aromatic qualities of the chocolate in question:

  • you first bite into the chocolate
  • good chocolate breaks with a loud crack
  • smell the aroma on the break side
  • put a small piece in your mouth
  • wait until the chocolate has melted
  • move the chocolate back and forth over all parts of your tongue
  • then brush your tongue past your palate to release the aromas even better
  • inhale a little air with an almost closed mouth
  • exhale the air through your nose to intensely smell the aromas

Use your nose to assess the different flavors, since it plays the most important role in tasting and is responsible for 90% of your taste experience